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The personal information gatherd by this form will only be used for the purpose of responding to inquiries of investors. This personal information will be managed with the appropriate safety measures and, as a general principle, will not be revealed or supplied to third parties without the agreement of the client.

In connection with this use, we kindly request you to provide your agreement to the following matters.

  • Reply mails from our company to clients shall be sent to the individual addresses of the clients. Transfer or secondary use of all or part of the contents is not permitted.
  • Please make the contents of your inquiries, etc. as concrete as possible. There may be cases where it is not possible for us to reply due to the contents or where it takes time for us to make a reply. We cannot respond to requests to indicate a deadline for our replies or for rush-basis replies.

RICOH Company, Ltd. Investor Relations Office, Corporate Communication Center, Corporate Planning Division

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